High Quality, Video Life Stories for Children Looked After

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Why Life Stories?

Life stories are a powerful capture of key events, individuals and memories in the life of a child who is being supported by social care.

They have been proven to have a significant positive effect on children looked after, helping them make sense of their experiences and their past, to support them in gaining a secure sense of identity.

Life stories are a key part of the work that social workers complete with children looked after, but many do not have the time to complete this vital work.  Walk a Mile provides this service effectively for you.

We aim to produce an accurate, relevant account of his or her life, which has a powerful and long-lasting value and can be shared with them in a digital, age appropriate format.

With Reference

Pasupathi M, Mansour E, Brubaker JR (2007) Developing a life story: constructing relations between self and experience in autobiographical narratives. Human Development 50(2–3): 85–110 “Life stories is an important processes in the identity development of all children”.