High Quality, Video Life Stories for Children Looked After

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Family Life Stories

Time moves so quickly. Often we wish that we could pause time to hold on to cherished family moments. We offer a unique service to capture a period of time in your life, focusing on you, your child, a friend or a relative.

Our experienced production team works with you to put together a visual depiction of your loved one’s life for an agreed period. This could be a celebration of a certain time in your child’s life or we could capture a longer period to include key family moments.

We speak with you in length to plan the best way to create this visual capture, planning in interviews with friends, relatives and loved ones, visiting key locations and spending time with the special person themselves.

We include the perfect music to suit your film and at the end of the project we present you with a digitally-stored visual celebration of this special person.

Our services can also be purchased for a friend or loved who would enjoy their own digital life story or one of their child or relative.
Contact us to find out how we can digitally capture your cherished moments, celebrating you and your life story.